Your Finance Bestie

Is this your story? 

Exhausted with running a business but not fully understanding your finances?

Overwhelmed with reviewing expenses?

Not sure how to categorize each expense?

Confused about what to do when money comes in? How much is for taxes? How much is safe to take home? 

Afraid of spending money to grow because you are not sure what your business needs?

Frustrated because you do not understand how or when to pay yourself, so you tend to comingle your personal & business finances?

Envision if you could...

  • Have a  CFO that loved taking the hassle out of managing business finances and worked so hard to ensure your business maintained its profitability. 

  • Get your time back to focus on expanding your business and spending time with your family. 

  • Maintain your bookkeeping and properly prepare yourself for tax season. 

  • Know what the current year’s tax bill estimates will be with a plan and strategy to reduce your tax liability

  • You get your confidence back and run your business knowing you no longer have to manage your money.

  • Your business goals are clearly forecasted and realistic milestones are set. 

Jordan & Bright Financial Services Offers 3 Packages Based on Your Business Needs 

Business is booming, you are hiring a team or already have a team, and you realize outsourcing money management is no longer an option.

The Works

You've fantasized about making the type of money you're making but you have no clue what to do with it. You don't know your numbers and that's holding you back from growing the business. 

The Basics

Newly established business owner seeking additional guidance when it comes to business finances. 

New To The Game