What is a financial planner?

 A financial planner is an advisor who provides financial advice on tax planning, estate planning, insurance, and business planning.  Often times you will hear financial planner, financial advisor or financial consultant used interchangeably. 

Does J&B Financial hold my money?

No, J&B Financials does not hold custody over client assets. We simply educate and provide a guideline to your financial opportunities. 

How much does it cost to be a client of Jordan & Bright Financial Services? 

At Jordan & Bright Financial Services we charge a flat rate fee for our services.  We are not a cookie cutter firm therefore clients may be charged different fees depending on their needs. Overall, we aim to offer affordable rates for all clients business or personal finance. 

Does J&B Financials offer tax preparation services?

Although J&B Financials is not a CPA firm, we can provide personal tax planning  but highly recommend seeking  CPA for tax preparation services. 

How long should I keep a financial planner? 

However long you need one! There is no time frame as to how long or when you'll need one. You can have a financial planner for a month or ten years. That's the great thing about this relationship, you as the client determine how long you want to maintain the relationship. 

What should I look for in a Financial Planner?

A financial planner that works for you. Your financials planners loyalty should be to you not the services offered.